Don’t just improve your processes, kick start your business with process innovation.


Don’t just improve your processes, kick start your business with process innovation.

Process Innovation

To achieve the optimum results from Business Process Management (BPM) programs it is essential that the right approach be adopted. Too often BPM programs underachieve and only implement marginally improved existing (‘AS IS’) processes, missing the opportunity to actually innovate the future state (‘TO BE’) processes. This usually happens because of one or both of two mistakes:

1. Focus on the IT solution
2. Tight deadlines that encourages teams to jump straight to business requirements without redesigning the processes first.

Process innovation enables the major proportion of business benefits targeted by a business process strategy. BPM projects that do not secure process innovation never really know what opportunity they missed, some resource savings are achieved, the new IT system is an improvement, people are ok with it, but not inspired, but the ‘quantum leap’ did not occur. So how do you ensure process innovation occurs?

Process innovation occurs by creating the right team circumstances, together with effective facilitation.  Achieving process innovation is about knowing what to do when and how to lead BPM teams through the process. Business Processes Australia has the knowledge, facilitation skills and experience to make process innovation happen for your organisation, under your leadership. The first thing to do is let us help you set up a BPM Program.

BPM Expert Advice for Executive Strategy Owners

Do you know whether a BPM Program is really a good solution for you? We offer BPM Expert Advice for Executive Strategy Owners in order to help you establish the appropriateness and value of a BPM Program, and then we can continue to advise you as the Executive Strategy Owner through the implementation of the program to ensure you achieve the objectives you set out.

BPM Training Courses

If BPM is new to you and your people we provide well established and maintained BPM training courses that ensure your team understands how to achieve the business outcomes you are looking for and to provide a common understanding of business processes. These courses can be public, general or tailored, according to your needs and numbers of people to be trained. Special executive courses can be provided to bring an executive team up to speed.

Process Project Reviews

To ensure good governance of the BPM Program and individual process projects we recommend periodic Process Project Reviews that put the BPM program and the project teams together to consider the next phase of a project. Prior to this meeting an independant consultant undertakes a review of the project and brings findings and recommendations to the review meeting. We can also provide Process Project Reviews for projects you had underway before you found us, this way we can assess together what the appropriate actions and methods should be henceforth.

BPMS Selection

Some organisations undertake their BPMS Selection at the start of their program. As we have suggested this can turn a business project into an IT project with poor results for the business. We recommend doing the first three phases of process modelling using simple business charting tools to which business users can easily relate. However once the fourth phase of the first process project is reached it is time to start evaluating the technology platform, as a new project undertaken by the program team (including IT), and to select a Business Process Management System (BPMS). By then a good understanding has been obtained of the business functionality required of the BPMS and, as this software can be expensive as well as extremely complicated, what is the right level of technology for the organisation at current and foreseeable usage levels. This may prevent over-engineering and greater expenditure than is really necessary. The BPMS may include a process modeller which may be appropriate for the development of the BPMS Business Requirements in the fourth phase.

Business Support Office Setup

Under our guidance and tutelage your people will acquire knowledge and expertise as they progress through your BPM Program and they will want to use their new learning and understanding to run their own projects. We can assist you with your Business Support Office Setup that will enable you to use a core team of experienced people on all of your process projects.

BPM Solutions

We are flexible in our approach, different clients need different solutions. We are always happy to discuss your particular needs and to tailor a support package that works for you. Call us now!

Contact us at If you are in Sydney we offer a 2 hour first meeting with your CEO or senior executive(s) at no charge.