Business processes should be at the core of a strategic program to align the organisation and its operations with its business goals.  Here’s the plan:

  • Define the business goals
  • Talk to Business Processes Australia, formulate the process strategy
  • Form the team
  • Document the status quo (AS IS)
  • Design the processes, agree policy and business rules (TO BE)
  • Select the software
  • Optimise the TO BE for automation (SYSTEM)
  • Define the business requirements and configure the system
  • Implement the processes, lead and manage change
  • See improved results, please the customer
  • Align the structure, empower your people
  • Achieve the benefits. 

See Program Phases for more detail.

A senior BPA consultant supports your internal program team, with your senior business leader acting as program owner.  This ensures strategic, business ownership of the program and assists policy and cross-boundary issues that will arise. 

The consultant provides all of the necessary process, program and change management advice to the program manager and facilitates team workshops. The program team defines the process ‘architecture’ for the organisation and prioritises process work according to where the pain is felt most.

Individual process projects are initiated by the program team, each with its own business team leader and a consultant advising. Internal people do the best job of business analysis because of their existing knowledge, but need technical guidance. The project team designs the process across the whole organisation and implements it. You can run multiple process projects in parallel.

To secure the best business benefits, redesigned processes need to be implemented using automated workflow. Good workflow design allows human decision-making whilst automating the workflow and its management. This minimises resource usage, applies human decision-making at critical points, and provides flexibility to meet customers’ individual needs.

The business people in the project team define the business requirements and oversee automation. Ideally IT provides one or two project team members so that automation is collaborative.

That’s how to align your operations with your business strategies and reach your goals!


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