Here are some examples of common issues driving process programs, root causes, goals for solutions, and the benefits you can expect from implementing the solutions built within a business process program.

1) Customer Service

Issue Customers are complaining about our service.
Root cause Most organisations have got to where they are today by building processes for individual functions. Managers focus only on their own functional output, and so the end-to-end process for the enterprise as a whole will not be optimised and cost and effort is wasted in non-constraint functions. 
Goals We want everyone focused on service to our customers, not functional outputs.
Benefits We will get consistent, high quality, minimum cost service delivery and market credibility.

2) Timeliness

Issue There’s a lot of time wasting, we take too long, but we need help fixing it.
Root cause Time is wasted waiting between tasks, this is unproductive wait time.
Goals We want our people to do things promptly, with minimal delay and time wasting.
Benefits We will get reduced cycle time, which will keep our customers coming back and encourage them to recommend us to others.

3) Effectiveness

Issue Things keep going wrong. We have internal objectives, KPIs, and all the ‘right’ management tools, but they don’t give us the excellence we want. There must be a better way.
Root cause We have been trained to work on functional or departmental outputs, we are internally focused and facing each other; instead we need to face the customer and focus on delivering to the customer.
Goals We need to make what we do work for the organisation, not just for the function or department.
Benefits We will be recognised for our operational excellence.

4) Efficiency

Issue We know we are inefficient, we’ve tried to improve, but somehow we don’t seem to be getting anywhere.
Root cause We are focused on tasks, not processes.
Goals We need processes to improve the way we do things.
Benefits We will minimise our costs whilst improving value.

5) Culture

Issue No-one will take responsibility, there’s a lot of buck-passing and passing up the line.
Root cause We are production and internal performance oriented, not customer and service oriented.
Goals We need front-line decision-making within guidelines, with people taking responsibility for their decisions. At the same time we need to have confidence in outcomes as a matter of governance.
Benefits We will have a collaborative, customer-focused culture, with rapid response and high performance within policy and governance guidelines.

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